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Have You Heard Of LastPass?

Why Use LastPass?

1. LastPass uses the Highest security standards to keep your information secure and also uses 2-factor authentication by generating a one time code on a device or sending you a text or email which can make you feel a lot safer!

2. No need to remember short unsecure passwords as LastPass can store them all and automatically input them when you open the app or website you wish to sign into.

3. It can generate really complex passwords that are very difficult and almost impossible to hack!

4. You can be very organised with your passwords, Notes and other secure information by sorting them into folders and also using keywords to search for them quicker.

5. LastPass can work across a number of platforms ie. Andriod, Apple and Windows and also a lot of devices ie. Phones, PC's, Laptop's, Tablets and sync between them.

6. The best thing is that LastPass is FREE Yes FREE. It does have a paid version but that is mostly for businesses who need to share passwords and stuff like that.

I suggest getting LastPass and giving it a try, I have been using it for about 8 years now and can't do without it, it has made my life a lot easier not having to write down long and difficult passwords!

Hope this encourages you to give it a try.

David Smith

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